Alexis John

(401) 369-0060

Hello, although you may know me as Alexis, most know me as Lexii! 


I was born and raised in southeastern CT, based out of Norwich and New London but spending most of my summers on the shoreline. With that being said, I have more than the common knowledge about this end of the state. Although I love any home, I have a specific love for older homes and continue to grow my knowledge about them. Real estate may be new to me but it’s something I’ve fallen in love with a very long ago. 


I am currently a women in business owning a salon in my hometown, which has taught me many lessons in life besides the common business ones. I understand the importance of trust and loyalty built in any relationships, specifically business. As a business owner, I believe to lead by morals and respect and now project that into my relationships being built in real estate. 


Buying a home is one of, if not the most, important decisions in our lives. With that being said, it can be an emotional roller coaster and I pledge to be understanding of that and stick by you no matter how long that process may take! 


Alexis John