Mee Huynh

Hello (Sabaidee in Lao)! My full name is phonetically pronounced (fa-los-sa-mee), however, I am simply known as “Mee.” I was born in the beautiful country of LAOS, and was later raised in the scenic Ocean State of RI. I had the greatest opportunity to spread my wings and lived in different cities across the United States to gain meaningful life experiences. I had a calling to CT and now reside in the quiet corner of northeastern CT.
I have an extensive background in corporate business, financial and city administration as well as corporate recruiting. I strive working in the pillars of integrity, honesty, care, and fairness.
During my free time, I have a creative passion for cooking. Additionally, you’ll find me writing, reading, playing various sports, dancing, doing arts and crafts, and most importantly, spending quality time with families and friends.
If you resonate with “Mee,” then I am your “go to” person. At any stage of your life, I am here to assist you in your real estate matters.