Pat Luft


Kazantzis Real Estate

8 C Day Street, Brooklyn CT 06234

I consider myself to be a true local real estate agent. Though I was born in Texas to United States Air Force parents, I moved here at the age of five and have been in the Griswold CT area ever since. 

I attended the Griswold school system right on through high school, back when it was a little smaller than it is today. 

For me, real estate has always kind of been the family business. My interest first started when my folks both went to work building higher end modular homes. 

My knowledge then only increased through personal experience with the market and when my wife became an agent. Some of you may recognize my wife Tina from her advertising, she has been selling houses in the new London county area for 10 years now. 

Together we have lived in apartments, lived with family, flipped homes, bought land, created a small subdivision, designed and built high end modular homes for ourselves (thanks mom and dad). We also have rental properties/apartments that we have renovated and still manage today. You name it, we’ve been there. So after all these years, I decided to get my CT real estate license in early 2021. 

Now Tina and I work together as a team so our clients will always have an agent(s) that CAN be everywhere at once!