Whether it be due to canceled plans or by choice, many people are spending their summer vacation at home this year. So, what better time to turn your backyard into your own personal oasis. While some backyard transformations - like a new patio or extensive landscaping - can cost thousands of dollars, we have some ideas that can work with any budget.

Comfy Seating

What better way to enjoy your backyard than to have a nice place to lounge. 

The patio set has come a long way, with some of the sets almost worthy of being inside instead of out. If you have a few hundred dollars, a nice rattan set with some comfy throw pillows could instantly transform your outdoor space. If you're on a budget, consider a hammock. It doesn't get more relaxing than that. For those of you who are crafty, you can even build a DIY daybed out of pallets. 

Roll Out the Carpet

Once you have some seating, tie the space together with an outdoor rug. Not only does it add a pop of color, but it can also cover a deck or patio that's seen better days. If you don't have a deck, you can even put a rug on your lawn. Just make sure it's breathable so it doesn't damage the grass.

Let There Be Light

Any oasis definitely needs mood lighting. String lights along your fence or on an outdoor umbrella or pergola. If you don't have anything to string lights on, you can also place some solar-power lanterns or citronella torches along pathways. 

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Add Some Color

You don't have to invest in extensive landscaping to make your backyard more colorful and welcoming. A few baskets of annuals - like pansies or impatiens - can add a nice pop of color and make your backyard a more welcoming place. Better yet, a planter with lavender or citronella grass are not only lovely, they can also help keep mosquitoes at bay.

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Gather Around the Fire

What better way to enjoy a beautiful summer night than to sit around a fire. You don't need to spend thousands to have a fire pit built. There are plenty of DIY fire pit ideas online that cost under $100 and can be built in one afternoon. If DIY is not your thing, a chiminea or steel fire pit can be an affordable option. If your budget allows, some Adirondack chairs add a nice touch.

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Find Some Shade

Not only can a pergola or pavilion add an interesting aesthetic to your outdoor space, but - perhaps more importantly - it can also add some cool shade on those hot summer days. You can buy one for a few hundred dollars, or build your own. Once set up, you can add curtains for some extra color and, of course, more shade. 

A boat sail or even a pop-up tent can be a cheaper option for shade.

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Let the Water Flow

Adding a water element to your backyard can dramatically increase the zen. But, you don't have to drop thousands on a waterfall or koi pond. You can find simple fountains that add a water element. Stock tanks are also trendy ways to add a pool or pond area in your yard. 

Add Some Games

Simple additions like a rope or tire swing can add fun for kids big and small. For those who like a little competition, perhaps a croquet set or cornhole board.

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In the end, whatever you choose to do, the idea is to make your backyard space a place where you can unwind and spend time with those you love the most. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the summer.