Few things are better on a bitterly cold day than snuggling up next to a cozy fireplace. While a fireplace can make a home warmer, some take things to the next level - becoming true works of art in their own right.

If you're looking for inspiration beyond the typical mantle, here are some high-end designs that may just light a fire.

Two-Way Fireplace

Talk about a dramatic statement this fireplace from Soler Architecture makes. Whether your hosting dinner guests or having cocktails in the living room, this fireplace is an amazing focal point to an amazing room. 

Color Tiles

How about adding a pop of color on those gray winter days. Not only does this fireplace warm your body, but its vibrant colors will also warm your soul. This fireplace proves you don't have to stick with earth tones.

Glass Enclosure

Who says fireplaces need to be made of stone or wood. This design from Andrew Flesher adds ambiance to the room, while the glass enclosure helps maintain the openness of the space. A perfect, elegant combo.

Floating Fireplace

This floating fireplace wall is meant to be one of the notable design elements in this San Francisco house. The concept, according to designer Cass Calder Smith, is restrained white minimalism balanced with wood, color, and the city beyond.

Classic Stone

Stone is obviously a popular material for fireplaces, but this design from Douglas Design Studio goes above and beyond. With the darker walls and trim, this room could have easily looked a bit overbearing, but the fireplace, with a towering mirror-wall, helps the room maintain a certain comfortable airiness.