For Kazantzis Real Estate Agent Tina Luft, being a Realtor is not just business, it's personal.  

Born in Scotland, Luft moved around a lot, until her family settled down in Griswold, Connecticut in 1986. It was here she was finally home.

Luft - an award-winning Realtor who is licensed in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island - recently discussed how her past ups and downs help her connect with clients.

How does your past experience translate into the Real Estate market?

I grew up in a Navy family, so I moved around a lot as a kid. When I was a young adult, I was divorced, had a house foreclosed on as a result of the divorce, had to file bankruptcy. I have remarried, and have had two children. I have flipped houses, built houses, and now own two houses. So, I have the ability to not only help people going through some of these issues but I have been in their shoes. I know how they feel. I know life's challenges can be heartbreaking, frustrating, and overwhelming, but in some cases can also be a good thing.

I also worked for over 20 years in the casino industry. I believe working there gave me the customer service skills needed to be a good agent.

What sets you apart from other Realtors?

I would say my attention to detail and communication. I make sure that contracts are filled out in full, that buyers and sellers know what is going on with their transaction as soon as I know and I make sure to be available by text, phone, or email at all times for my clients. Not just for the transaction but to be a friend and person to lean on if needed.

What do you love most about being a Realtor?

I love the feelings and emotions that come with buying and selling. That is why I only specialize in residential real estate. Yes, sometimes it can be stressful but I believe I help when help is needed the most. I love when clients send me updates about their home or pictures of their new baby. I love being an extension to their family.

What words of wisdom do you share most with prospective home buyers or sellers?

The best advice I can give to buyers and sellers alike is to listen to your gut & your agent.

Buyers DO NOT try talking yourself into liking a house. When you find the right house, you will 100% know. You will walk in and say “This feels like home.” It might take years but you will find it and I will be there when you do.

Sellers also need to listen to your agent. I want what is best for you and I want your house to sell for the most money possible. But the comps might suggest a lower price than you want. LISTEN to your agent. List where they suggest. It will sell and you might even get multiple offers. We do this for a living. So please listen.

And just like the Boy Scouts say, “Be prepared.” Both buyers and sellers need to have a plan. That means buyers you need to talk to lenders BEFORE looking at houses. Make sure you are preapproved. Sellers, where are you going next? When your house sells within 24 hours of listing, where are you moving to? Staying with family? Renting? Buying another house? You need to know that and share that info with me so I can help you with that plan. Together we make it work.

What does the word "home" mean to you?

Home means comfort and security. It is your safe place and the place for you to build memories.

More About Tina

I was born in Scotland and moved to Griswold, CT in 1986. I have been married now for almost 20 years. I like Mickey Mouse, 80s and 90s music, and love to get to know my clients. I "friend" all my clients on Facebook so we can always stay connected. I love seeing families grow and all the awesome things they do with their new home. So feel free to friend me.

How long have you been a realtor: 9 years

How long have you been with Kazantzis Real Estate: 2 years

Sales Accomplishments: Voted BEST REALTOR in the 2019 Norwich Bulletin Reader’s Choice Awards for New London County.

I have sold over 100 homes, 39 in 2020 during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Community Involvement: I was on the Griswold, CT Recreation Committee for more than seven years. I have also volunteered at different animal rescues, including fostering a mom dog and her eight puppies.