Kazantzis Realty Giving BackWe’re all in this together. For Kazantzis Real Estate that phrase is more than just a collection of words. During the COVID-19 pandemic, its owner and agents have pledged a portion of the commission from each transaction to help the community through these unprecedented times.

Unlike many other businesses, which have been forced to cease operations, Kazantzis is open. Though taking extra precautions, our agents are still listing properties, showing homes and closing deals. Realizing how truly fortunate we are, we decided it was only right to help those impacted the most during this crisis - small businesses and first responders. Kazantzis Real Estate and its agents are using 5% of the commission earned by Kazantzis Real Estate to buy gift cards, food, or other goods from local businesses located in the communities in which the transactions occur. We are then donating those goods to local hospitals and other first responders.

“We not only do business in these communities. We live in them. Raise our families in them. These are our neighbors and right now our neighbors are hurting. We’re going to do what we can to ease some of that pain,” said Owner and Agent Andrea Kazantzis.

The Kazantzis giveback program has already begun.

Most recently, Kazantzis purchased seven pairs of nursing shoes from The Shoe Smith in Willimantic then raffled them off to medical workers on Facebook. Using proceeds from a sale, she also bought a gift card at Giant Pizza in Danielson and delivered it to KB Ambulance.

Agent Keri Roy used part of her commission to buy food at The Broken Crust in Putnam and had lunch delivered to workers at Day Kimball Hospital. She also purchased gift certificates from Riverside Pizza in Thompson and donated them to East Thompson Volunteer Fire Department.

Agent Jamie Sanderson donated gift certificates she purchased from Edi’s Pizza in Mosseup (a section of Plainfield) to Backus Hospital in Plainfield. Tina Luft closed on a property in Canterbury, so she purchased gift certificates in D&G Pizza, which she then donated to the Canterbury Volunteer Fire Department.

Real estate has been deemed an essential service. Kazantzis agents, while following guidelines set by health and government authorities, continue to serve the needs of their communities. For more on the changes we’ve taken amid the pandemic, click here.