hot housing marketMonths after the shutdown caused a lot of uncertainty in all aspects of life, one thing is certain right now - the real estate market is booming, especially if you want to sell your home.

"The market is crazy right now," said Kazantzis Real Estate Agent Debra J. Prevost. "With the lack of inventory to sell and an abundance of buyers pre-qualified with low-interest rates, the war to get the home that has that 'this is for you feeling' the market is out of control!"

Why You Want to Sell

"There is a real shortage of listings, which by the rules of supply and demand, means you'll likely be able to get a lot more money for your home than you would have even just a few months ago," said Kazantzis Real Estate Owner and Agent Andrew Kazantzis.

As the market reaches a fever pitch, it's the agent who can help bring calm to the process.

"Kazantzis Realtors continue to work on ways to list your property with an outline on how to make this process as easy, with the least amount of stress, for the sellers as possible," Prevost said. "We are diligent in getting the property prices correct and presentation accurate with the use of professional photography including drone pictures and virtual tours."

With a hot market and organization on the part of the agent, the process can be relatively quick.

"By listing properties that are 'coming soon' and by scheduling in advance times to view the property during the first day it's 'live' is so beneficial to buyers and sellers," Prevost said. "Having one or two days with many showings and getting the offers presented and explained quickly allows all parties to have a timely answer without waiting days for the buyers to choose the 'right' offer that fits their immediate needs."

Why You Want to Buy

Of course, if you're looking to a buy a home, it's a different market for you as well.

Before you even start looking, you'll want to make sure you're ducks are in a row by getting pre-approved for a mortgage.

"There's nothing worse than finding your dream home, only to find out you can't get the financing for it," Kazantzis said.

But even though inventory is low, so are interest rates. This means when you do find that dream home, you'll be able to borrow money at historically low levels.

Whether you're buying or selling, Kazantzis Real Estate has a team ready to help you.

"Maybe you want a bigger living area, maybe you want to downsize, maybe it’s just time to start a new journey," Prevost said. "We are here to get you through this process with pride, professionalism, and integrity every step of the way. It's what we do!"